Friday, June 18, 2010

House at Amy's Studio

Oil painting is not my primary medium. However, I try to paint one or two a year. This small painting of a house across from Amy Imler's studio was done on a plein air painting day in May. David Cook and I painted on a hot day. I don't remenber what David painted?

Garden Gate at White Wagon Farm

I painted this small oil painting during the spring show and sale at White Wagon Farm located near Maumelle, Arkansas. Good try for an alla prima painting on a warm day in April. Each of the artists that paint at Sage House (White Wagon Farm) did a demonstration painting during the show and sale.

White Wagon Hydranga

The first Tuesday in the month is reserved for still life paintings at White Wagon Farm where I attend a life drawing session. The painting shown here is my effort to paint a painting like one I saw in a book of paintings by David Hockney. Since my painting was done alla prima I did not have time for as many details as David Hockney put in his paintings. That's O.K. I am more interested in what I can do in about two hours with strong color, good shapes, and simple subjects.