Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lilies in Scott, Arkansas near Scott Plantation

The lilies shown here were found along the road behind the Plantation Museum near Scott, Arkanas. Flowers growing along the road usually means there was a house at that location in the past. Almost all of these country homes are gone now-the flowers remain as a marker of the homes past location. Lilies make great subjects for a flower paintings; however I am not much of a flower painter. I may be tempted to try to paint these lilies.

Scott Arkansas View...Watercolor by Tom Herrin

David Cook and I paint in plein air on wednesday each week depending on the weather. The small notan shown here studies the values around the trees and a small house located at the base of the tree line near Scott, Arkansas. I was painting from the porch of the Agricultural museum in Scott. I plan to use this small study as a guide for a larger painting in watercolor. The point here was to use the trees in the fore ground to set the scale for the house and trees in the middle ground. I think this worked.